Gentle Hands Equine & Canine Massage  - CESMT & CCSMT
   Specializing in Equine & Canine Massage Therapy:
                                                       Serving All of Minnesota
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 Equine:Pre-event, post-event, sports massage, 
therapeutic massage, maintenance massage,
and one-time massages available. 
Canine:Pre-event, post-event and inter-event 
massage, sports massage, therapeutic deep muscle 
massage, maintenance massage, geriatric  massage
and one-time massages available.  
  Trigger Point therapy is used during all sports,
   therapeutic, and maintenance massages at no
                      additional charge.               
              Stretching plays a huge role in preventing injuries
              I do not charge to stretch your horse after a massage.
          I am happy to show you how to properly stretch your horse,
       see testimonial page to read a testimonial refering to stretching.
                              I am currently studying Equine
                              Acupressure & Equine Nutrition
                starting my focus in Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals.
             Signs You horse may need a massage:
                         Reduced range of motion
                         Head tossing or shaking
                         Avoiding the bit
                         Resistance of lateral flexion and/or backing
                         Refusing or resisting leads
                         Girthing problems
   "At its finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by trust.
                   Each is totally reliant upon the other. 
      Each is selfless guardian of the others very well-being"  
                       Author unknown                                    
*Massage Therapists are NOT primary health care providers
*Massage Therapists do NOT diagnosis nor prescribe
*If there are any doubts concerning the health of the animal,
refer to a veterinarian. 
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